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to develop and design the RWH system that will:

  • supply all your water demands (domestic, agricultural, commercial), and;
  • sustain your home and business without costly water deliveries for the entire year

to create customized, efficient rainwater harvesting systems with your water needs in mind.

Our Services

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient practice, but the technology of rainwater harvesting has advanced dramatically over the last decades. Modern rainwater harvesting systems have multi-point filtration, and flow controls as rainwater makes its way from the roof to the cistern and ultimately to its end use.

With expertise in all types of systems and system designs, we offer rainwater consulting and design services for your residential or commercial rainwater harvesting system, including

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Assessment of RWH System

This service is for you, if

  • you have a rainwater harvesting system and need to know whether it is working efficiently,
  • you are purchasing a new home and need to know if the system is even working at all,
  • your water comes from both rainwater and well-water supply, and you are not sure how they work together.

We will provide a report documenting the state of your rainwater harvesting system and the maintenance required.

Assessments start at $100

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Filtration & Water Quality Testing

This service is for you if you are unsure whether

  • Water from your rainwater collection system or well-water supply is safe for drinking or other uses.
  • Your filtration and treatment are working efficiently and suit your water needs.

We can take a water sample for testing and analysis, ranging from simple bacterial presence to complete chemical composition, and assess if the filtration and treatment system work at its optimum.

Starts at $150 plus the cost of lab testing 

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System Sizing & Cost Estimate

This service is for you if you are 

  • Building a new home and want to know the cost of the system and capacity needed to meet all your water demands.
  • Unsure about your system capacity and whether it is sufficient to supply water for the entire year.
  • Planning to add another cistern to your system, and not sure how big it should be and how much it costs.
  • Running out of water in the middle of the summer and having to pay for water delivery.
  • Wasting water as your cistern overflows during the rainy season.

We provide a report with our estimate of the system capacity based on the rainfall in your area, your roof area and your monthly water usage. 

Starts at $150; no site visit is required! Fill in a short Questionnaire to help us understand your water needs.


Technical Advice & Project Management

This service is for you; if you like us to

  • Manage a project on your behalf.
  • Provide technical advice about components of your rainwater harvesting system. 
  • Give tips on how to reduce demand for your well-water. 
  • Advise on water conservation strategies and water-saving fixtures or appliances. 

Based on the project requirements.   

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Complete System Design

This service is for you, if 

  • You are building a new home and want to design an efficient rainwater harvesting system to sustain you throughout the year.
  • You are looking for a simple rainwater harvesting system for your off-grid cabin.
  • You plan to add a water storage and collection system to your existing home or business.
  • You need more water for your farm, garden or greenhouse.
  • You have a low-yield well and want to add a rainwater harvesting system to increase your water supply.

We will provide a report with your system design based on the rainfall in your area, the size of the roof catchment area and your monthly water usage. 

Depending on your project needs, choose a design plan that suits your project best!


Choose from our plans to design the system that will help you to collect and store as much rainwater as possible during the wet season for use during the dry season, conserve water and reduce demand on your well.

  • Single Family Homes & Simple Roof Lines
  • Starting from $350
  • Full RWH System Design
  • Upgrades to existing RWH System
  • Contract based
  • With free Estimate
  • Full RWH System Design
  • Upgrades to existing RWH System
  • Back-up water storage tanks for Well-Water Supply
  • Based on Project Needs
  • Project Management and supplies
  • Source of Suppliers and Contractors
  • Advice on Filtration Systems
  • Water Conservation & Water-Saving Strategies