Rainwater Harvesting

If you are searching for consulting and design services for your rainwater harvesting project, 

You’ve come to the right place!

How  Can We  Help You?

Do you need an inspection for a rainwater harvesting system in your new home purchase?

Is the water in your cistern safe to drink? Do you have enough water in your cistern to last the summer?

Are you unsure if your rainwater harvesting system complies with local regulations for a new home construction?

Does your existing rainwater harvesting system work efficiently or need a tune-up?

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What We Offer 

RWH System Inspections

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  • Assess the efficiency of your rainwater harvesting system 
  • Inspect all the system components
  • Recommend possible modifications to the system

System Sizing & Cost Estimate

  • Calculate the optimum system capacity for your location & water usage
  • Estimate the cost of a new system or modifications to your existing system

Design of RWH System

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  • Design a new efficient rainwater harvesting system 
  • Advise on modifications to your existing system
  • Select the system components

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