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Have a look behind the scenes of some of our rainwater harvesting projects.

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Rainwater Designers assess the feasibility of a rainwater harvesting system as an alternative water source for the proposed commercial building in a small rural community on one of the Gulf Islands. 

The rainwater harvesting system with sufficient capacity can limit the risk of adverse effects on the aquifer and provide a water source for fire suppression and emergencies such as droughts, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. We ensured that all the components of the system comply with the Canadian Rainwater Harvesting guidelines CSA B805-22/ICC 805-2018

We designed a small rainwater harvesting system for an off-grid cottage on one of the BC Gulf Islands to help a young family to enjoy their summer stay in the cabin.  

The system included two 1000 liters totes and an 1100 liters (250 Gallons) poly tank for collecting rainwater for an outdoor shower, hand washing and other outdoor uses. 

We assisted a client with a permit for the rainwater harvesting system for his home in Ucluelet , British Columbia. The proposed water treatment system had to meet requirements for potable water use. 

We will be able to help you with your rainwater harvesting permitting process. 

Last summer, we helped our client with an off-grid cabin to put together a small rainwater harvesting system so her family could enjoy weekends away from the city on Passage Island, BC


We conducted a feasibility study to determine the potential for rainwater harvesting for a residential co-op building in East Vancouver, BC. This would provide a sustainable water source and reduce demand on the municipal water supply for irrigation and in case of emergencies.

  • We provided solutions for a rainwater harvesting system to meet the co-op residents’ irrigation and emergency water needs.
  • We established the roof attachment area & determined rainwater harvesting potential from the building roof catchment area. 
  • We sized a rainwater harvesting system and its components based on the intended water use.  
  • All system components, including water storage, conveyance system and water treatment, had to comply with Canadian Rainwater Harvesting as per CSA B805-18/ICC 805-2018

We helped our client to apply for the Reginal District of Nanaimo rainwater harvesting rebate and designed a harvesting system for garden irrigation. The client installed the system last fall and irrigate his garden as the drought season is about to begin. 

Learn about the  RDN rainwater harvesting rebate program, which offers up to $750 per household to purchase and install a rainwater system. 

Our client on Gabriola Island was concerned about the water quality in a storage tank. We assessed the rainwater harvesting system and found a few issues that needed attention. 


Our client on  Gabriola Island lost the water in her water storage tank. She had to have her water delivered despite having both rainwater harvesting and a well-water supply. We inspected the system and identified the issues. We also found a broken water distribution pipe. 

Let us inspect your water supply system and identify the issues that you may have with it.

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