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We provide consultation services for rainwater harvesting and design rainwater of collection & water storage systems for residential and commercial use.
We offer comprehensive inspections of rainwater harvesting systems to ensure sufficient storage capacity, verify that all system components work efficiently and meet the CSA B805  standards for rainwater harvesting systems. 

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rainwater harvesting system designs
  • Inspection of your  rainwater harvesting system 
  • Design of a new rainwater harvesting system
  • Optimization of your existing system
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  • Feasibility assessment & conceptual design of rainwater harvesting systems for commercial buildings and water-intensive operations

Rainwater Harvesting Design

Each project is unique however, our top priority is to offer effective rainwater harvesting solutions that cater to all your water demands. We will collaborate with you throughout the entire rainwater harvesting design process and assist you in selecting the most suitable system components for your project. We will ensure that the final solution is custom-made, efficient and tailored to your specific requirements.

Step 1 Your Rainwater Storage Capacity

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To start, we will determine the required water storage capacity based on your water usage, the amount of rainfall in your location, and the size of your roof catchment area.

We will then proceed to design your rainwater harvesting system with all its necessary components.

Step 2 Sizing of your System Components

Conveyance System &
Pre-Storage Filtration

Water Storage Tank

Post-storage Filtration & Disinfection

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Fill in our short questionnaire to help us understand your water requirements and design a rainwater harvesting system that meets all your water needs.