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About us

Rainwater Designers are rainwater harvesting practitioners with the unique practical experience of relying on rainfall collection and storage in our everyday lives. We have the technical skills to design practical rainwater harvesting systems.

We are committed to working with you in finding the most effective, practical solutions for collecting, storing, and reusing rainwater for your home and business.

Specializing in designing rainwater collection and water storage systems customized to your specific water demand needs for domestic, commercial or agricultural purposes.


As rainwater management designers accredited by the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management
(CANARM), we have practical knowledge of safe design, installation, and maintenance of rainwater
harvesting systems.

As board members of the Association of RainWater Professionals of Canada, with a strong awareness of
the regional water supply challenges, water conservation, and watersheds protection, we are committed to sharing our knowledge to achieve sustainable water use and rainwater harvesting and reuse.