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Scott Lescak
April 14, 2022

Working with Rainwater Designers took some of the challenge out of rainwater harvesting. Gina was friendly, knowledgeable and passionate. With her help I was able to get my system set up with relative ease.

Ron Huang
January 11, 2022

We were working on two large government building in Surrey. Our client was interested in the implementing a rainwater recovery in their buildings because of their utility cost for water has risen substantially for the last five years. Their consultant answered all our questions in a timely manner, and performed above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend utilizing their services.

Sabina M.-Swan
October 24, 2021

An amazing and timely service - especially with more & more droughts coming even on our rainy coast. As aquifers are starting to run dry, it just makes good sense to switch (or at least back up with) rainwater harvesting.

Custom Reviews

Larry Tallmann
Larry Tallmann
April 29, 2023

A Welcome Expertise

This is to thank Gina for being such an observant, knowledgeable, and professional help to us in looking at the possibilities of getting rainwater storage units for our housing co-op. As well, she was unstinting with her time and friendliness. It was a pleasure.

About us

Rainwater Designers are rainwater harvesting practitioners with the unique practical experience of relying on rainfall collection and storage in our everyday lives. We have the technical skills to design practical rainwater harvesting systems.

We are committed to working with you in finding the most effective, practical solutions for collecting, storing, and reusing rainwater for your home and business.

Specializing in designing rainwater collection and water storage systems customized to your specific water demand needs for domestic, commercial or agricultural purposes.

As rainwater management designers accredited by the Canadian Association for Rainwater Management (CANARM), we have practical knowledge of the safe design, installation, and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems.

With a strong awareness of the regional water supply challenges, water conservation, and watershed protection, we are committed to sharing our knowledge of rainwater harvesting.