Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Is Rainwater Harvesting right for Your Operation?

Do you run a water-intensive operation such as a farm, warehouse, or industrial plant or own a commercial building with a large roof catchment area?  

As water prices keep increasing and water is becoming scarce, collecting and storing rainwater can provide a sustainable and secure water source.

Consider collecting and storing rainwater from your roof catchment area as a viable alternative to your well water or municipal water supply.

How much water can you collect from your roof?

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Did you know that harvesting rainwater from your facility’s roof catchment area can provide a sustainable water source year-round, while also conserving water and reducing demand on the aquifer?

Shall we evaluate the feasibility of installing a rainwater harvesting system customized to meet your water requirements?

Regardless of the scale of your project, we will design the most optimum rainwater harvesting system following the CSA B805 codes and standards for the use of rainwater.

What we Offer

System Diagnostics

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  • Site visit and inspection of the existing RWH system
  • Assessment of potential modifications to the system
  • Technical advice about system components & maintenance

Feasibility Study & Conceptual Design

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  • Sizing & cost estimate of the optimum rainwater harvesting system for your facility
  • Feasibility study & conceptual design of a RWH system that can meet your specific water needs

Let's determine how much rainwater you can harvest

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