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If you depend on rainwater harvesting for your water supply and endured the hot and dry summer, you must be happy that the rain is back and your water cisterns are filling up. 

If you believe that the last summer was scorching hot and dry, think again. The weather patterns are becoming more extreme;  dryer summers and more precipitation  in the winter.

The fall is upon us, and now is the time to think about your water supply for the following summer.

Is your cistern big enough to handle all the rain?

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If you wonder whether or not to add another cistern to your rainwater harvesting system, ask yourself a few questions:  

  • Do I have enough water for the entire year?
  • Did I run out of water in the middle of the summer?
  • Is my cistern overflowing in the winter months?

If any of the answers are YES, you most likely need to add another cistern to your rainwater system or change your water habits and conserve more water.  

RDN rainwater harvesting rebate program

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Learn about the  RDN rainwater harvesting rebate program, which offers up to $750 per household to purchase and install a rainwater harvesting system.

Get your ducks in the row and have your application ready when the RWH rebate program re-opens for 2022.

We will help you with your application process.

Too much information?! Let us guide you through it!

  • We can determine the size of your water storage tank and find ways to conserve more water in your household.
  • We design your system and all the components you need to buy and guide you through the installation process.
  •  We can also help you to apply for the RWH rebate for 2022.
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